The current number of posts is !
The current number of posts
is !
The COVID-19 pandamic has changed everyday life and interpersonal relationships.
Why don't you express your gratitude to "someone important to you" that you've realised now?
We hope that by expressing gratitude, many smiles would be spread.
We will send thanks to the world from Kita Ward by taking a picture of everyone's "Thank you". Let's participate the Guinness World Record Challenge!
Collect 100,000 photos of people expressing gratitude.
Until Friday, September 30th, 2022
When the details are finalised, we will post an announcement on the homepage.

The Guinness World Record challenge [How to paticipate]

Write a thank you note on the paper!

Write a message to anyone that you wish to express your gratitude, such as family, friends, and colleagues! Any type of paper is acceptable, including message cards, stationery, and note paper. Please make sure to include words "Thank you" or "Grateful."(Foreign languages are acceptable as well.) You are welcome to write as many papers as you would like, whether handwritten or printed.

Please take a photo with the thank-you note you wrote!

It's OK if the photo shows a person holding a thank-you note and the letters are well-written!

A photo that does not show a person holding a thank-you note is NG.

It's OK if the photo shows a person holding a thank-you note, even if the face is cut or not visible!

A photo that only focus to displays "Thank-you" message and does not show any person who holds the Thank-you note is NG.

Send photo!

Please click the "Post Photo" button to send the photo you took! You can send up to 5 photos at a time. When sending by smartphone, use QR. You are welcome to send it as many times as you want. Let's express your gratitude to as many people as possible!


Is the format of the thank you note specified?
There are no restrictions on handwriting or paper size for the Thank you note. The only requirement is to use paper.
Is there any requirement on the content of the Thank you note?
That is fine if it conveys the thank you message, but be sure to write the words "grateful" or "thank you".
How many times can one person post?
There is no limit on the number of posts. A person can post as many times as they want. As long as the content of the message and the target audience are not similiar to the post you have submited (not similar to the picture that you have posted before), you can post as many times as you want.
Is it possible to use the same Thank you note for many people?
No problem. However, if one photo captures many people with the thank you note, it is still counted as one. Moreover, despite the same thank you note, but 1 photo is taken by the sender, 1 photo is taken by the receiver, and 1 photo is taken by both of them, it will be counted as 3 photos.
I am not living in Kita-ku, Osaka, can I participate?
Even though you are not living in Kita-ku, Osaka, you can participate. Anyone in the world can participate.
Is it ok if I put the Thank you note in the pouch?
You need to hold the Thank you note directly. Therefore, please do not put it in a pouch or clear file.